About Us

Steering Committee of the Asian Chamber

President Rallys PLIAUZER Laboratorios Bagó S.A.
Honorary President Raúl S. LOEB AMS Foods International S.A.
Vice-chairman I Mario L. TURZI Turzi Abogados
Vice-chairman II Julián J. JACOBY J. Walter Jacoby S.A.
Secretary Julio DELFINO Antonio María Delfino S.A.
Treasurer Rosa R. TOLEDO World & Space Wide Services
Regular Members Juan CERRUTI REVERDITO Banco Santander Río S.A.
Regular Members Luciano OJEA QUINTANA Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal
Regular Members Aldo Luciano NAVILLI Molino Cañuelas S.A.
Alternate Members Juan Carlos BIDEGARAY Bio Sidus S.A.
Alternate Members Martín LOEB AMS Foods International S.A.
Account Review Committee Marcelo R. DIEZ Argentina Go Abroad S.R.L.
Executive Director Martín Lo Coco
Member Profile

Chamber members include companies dealing with foreign trade, banking, finance, air and sea transport, insurance, tourism, education, electricity, oil and gas, mining, investment, food production, machinery manufacturing, distribution, marketing, legal and tax consultancy services, etc.